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Labour doula services for families

Doulakka provides birth doula services and lactation counselling to families in Helsinki, Espoo and Lappeenranta. If you are looking for a doula for your labour and birth here is how to proceed:

  1. Make an appointment for a complementary meeting with the Doulakka doula in your area. You get a walk-through of how we work and answers to any questions you may have.
  2. Mull it all over at home. Take your time to decide and ask for additional information should any new questions arise.
  3. Book a Doulakka doula for your labour and birth by phone or via email. The signed contract is binding.

The Doulakka labour doula service package includes

  • two meetings before labour and birth,
  • a doula on-call for four weeks,
  • phone or email consultation as needed,
  • doula support for labour and birth, and
  • one meeting after birth.

In case you end up needing a doula all of the sudden, you may be interested in the express doula package including

  • phone conversation of the your needs and wishes
  • doula support in labour and birth, and
  • one meeting after birth.

Post partum doula services and lactation counselling for families

Doulakka offers post partum doula services and lactation counselling in the Helsinki area. The newborn mother is visited at home and the doula helps with whatever it is that is needed at the time of the visit. She may give breastfeeding advice, give a massage to either mom or the baby, discuss birth matters, do grocery shopping… Ask also for any attachment parenting advice you need, for example help with babywearing, co-sleeping, baby massage, finger foods, elimination communication and cloth diapering! The post partum doula service package includes a phone conversation of the family’s needs and wishes and two three-hour visits as agreed. For those taxed in Finland the service may be 45% tax deductable.

Doulakka groups

The Doulakka groups are run at the Yoga Studio Manipura in Kamppi, Helsinki. There are groups for expecting parents as well as for newborn mothers with their babies. The languages of the meetings are Finnish and English as needed. Please see the web shop for more info!

Renting a Tens-machine

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Using four self-detaching electrodes low electrical impulses transverse the birthing mother’s lower back. This fills up the nerve canals coming from  the womb and eases pain – starting at home. Transferring to the hospital is often easier with a Tens-machine, as it is more difficult to find a comfortable position in the car during contractions. You are welcome to  try the machine out beforehand and rent it in case it feels like it might be your thing.