Tens-machines and birthing pool for Doulakka clients

When you decide to hire a Doulakka doula for your labour and birth, you may also rent a tens-machine and/or birthing pool for use in labour.  


TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Using four self-detaching electrodes a  low electrical current transverses on the mom's back. This fills up the canals for pain coming from  the womb and eases pain – starting at home. Transferring to the hospital is often easier with tens, as  it is more difficult to find a comfortable position in th ecar during contractions. You are welcome to  try the machine out beforehand and rent it in case it feels like it might be your thing. You get to take  the machine home straight from our last meeting before birth. 

Birthing pool 

As a birth doula client you may reserve the Doulakka birthing pool for your birth. The pool is made  out of sturdy plastic (La Bassine for professionals) and its colour is a beautiful light purple giving  you a chance to relax in a warm water nest during labour. The rent is paid as the pool is reserved  and the doula brings it along with all the extra gear needed when the labour begins. The doula will  take care of setting the pool up and packing it afterwards – this is by far the easiest way of getting  the pool where you need it!