Labour doula services for families

Doulakka labour doula services for families I provide friendly and skilled doula services to families. If you are looking for a doula for your birth  and labour here is how to proceed:

  1. Make an appointment to a complementary meeting with Doulakka. The meeting will be  held either in the yoga studio Manipura (Kamppi) or elsewhere depending on what we agree  on. You get a walk-through of how I work and answers to any questions you may have
  2. Mull it all over at home. Take your time to decide if I am the right doula for you and if  what I offer is what you need. Ask for additional information should any new questions  arise. 
  3. Book a Doulakka doula for your labour and birth by phone or via email. The signed  contract is binding. 

The Doulakka service package includes 

  • two meetings before labour and birth, 
  • a doula on-call for four weeks, 
  • phone or email consultation as needed, 
  • doula support for labour and birth, and  
  • one meeting after birth.

The Doulakka package with extras includes also 

  • a third meeting before labour and birth, 
  • tens-machine and birthing pool to use in labour and birth, 
  • an additional post partum visit for breastfeeding support, baby massage etc. 

Old customers are also offered a lighter birth package, ask if you are interested in this option!  

In case you end up needing a doula all of the sudden, you may be interested in the express doula package including 

  • phone conversation of the mother's and family's needs and wishes 
  • doula support in labour and birth 
  • one meeting after birth.